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Inner Sanctuary of the Heart

Are you ready to explore the interior of the spiritual heart? The heart is a place of healing, creation and inner knowing. One of the most important and challenging experiences of the path to enlightenment is making that transition from separate self-egoism, to living in the heart. In this workshop, we will learn all of the inner workings of the heart, ways to work with the root of the heart (back of the heart) and experience two powerful healing journey meditations. 

Eddie’s Bio: Eddie is spiritual a teacher and a shamanic energy healer/guide. Eddie's work is about spiritual presence, shamanic wisdom and creating a safe sacred space for guiding people into unlocking their own sacred healing, wisdom, and knowledge; helping people to reveal their own Guru within. Eddie believes self-exploration of the heart and soul is about stepping into a deep sacred ceremony and revealing your true nature to assistant in the healing and expansion of humanity. Eddie creates a foundation of consciousness and enlightenment through his healing workshops by bridging the ancient healing wisdom/knowledge with the modern world.

$35 before Feb 1, $40 thereafter


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Later Event: February 15
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