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Sound Magic for Healers with Kerem

Sound Magic For Healers is a fun, educational and hands-on learning workshop for healers who are curious about how to begin incorporating beautiful healing sound tools and music instruments to deepen their current yoga class and workshop offerings. The use of live music and sound with various healing sessions is becoming more and more in demand, and now is the perfect time to join the wave. Take your classes, workshops, retreats, trainings, and private sessions to the next level with live sound! All instruments can all be played intuitively, with no prior musical experience needed. It’s very simple to add this ‘wow’ element to any offering and create an even greater impact for your students. Kerem will show you how!

In this 90 minute specialty workshop, you will learn how:

- Sound is incredibly powerful. Understand the basics about music and sound as healing tools for transformation. Learn how and when to incorporate live sound in a yoga class setting to create a seamless experience for your students, even if you are completely new to making music. Sound is an amazing carrier of healing intention, and can be very transformational within a short time span.

- Savasana can be deeply healing. Not just a rest break for the body and time for stillness at the end of class, during Savasana is the ideal time to introduce live vibration to help assist your students to integrate, ground and continue moving towards greater healing and wholeness on an energetic level. Live music and sound, coupled with your healing intention and presence, and an invitation to your students to rest and receive, creates a very powerful field of support, accelerating the benefits of any class.

- You are a musical person. Gain confidence quickly as you easily learn how to use a variety of incredibly unique, intuitive and healing musical instruments including: harmonic chimes, kalimba, hand drum, steel tongue drum, tibetan bowls, flutes and even your own voice. Release old stories that may hold you back from fully expressing yourself creatively, whether during teaching or any other part of life. Fold music making into your day in a very meaningful and joyful way.

About Kerem:
Kerem Brulé is a professional musician, sound healer, and improvisational soundscape artist highly regarded in San Diego. Kerem is also the owner of Beautiful Sounds, helping people reconnect to their musical nature. Over the past 4 years, Kerem has worked alongside many facilitators of yoga, breathwork, meditation, dance, art, personal growth, and ceremony, weaving live healing sounds into their events. Along this path, she has developed a greater understanding of the transformative power of live music in these settings, and discovered the need to pass on her knowledge and resources to facilitators and teachers themselves, so they can be empowered to create their own healing music! Kerem is a strong believer that anyone has the capacity to bring greater healing to the world through sound and music if they are resourced with simple and beautiful (sound) tools, gentle guidance and loads of encouragement!

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Cost: $35 per person

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