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Crystal Grids Workshop

Have you ever wondered what crystal grids are and how to make them?… Not to mention, do they really work?!

In this Crystal Grid workshop you will learn the energetics behind what a crystal grid is, which crystals to use, and how to create your own! Perhaps you want to increase your prosperity, receive more self-love, or enhance wellness? The possibilities are endless!

There is a science behind creating crystal grids, and this workshop takes you through all the steps of understanding both the science, as well as the spiritual side of why crystal grids are so powerful… In this interactive workshop, you’ll learn how to make a crystal grid based on an intention that’s specific to you!


Cost: $40 per person

10% Discount for Sojourn Quartz + Citrine Members

About Jessica Roth (Jess Kay Crystals): Jessica is a Certified Crystal Healer and Certified ThetaHealer (energy work), utilizing crystals and energy for healing of the mind, body & soul. She is extremely intuitive, which allows her to guide people towards healing and connecting with themselves on deeper levels. She loves to help others learn how to work with energetic tools, so that they can efficiently transmute influences that might be affecting their own physical and emotional wellbeing (especially those who experience life as an empath / energetically aware person: easily affected by surrounding energies, emotions, people, etc). Teaching and empowering about crystals and energy is her passion, and she looks forward to connecting with you!

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