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Human Design Workshop

Have you pulled up your Human Design Chart only to be overwhelmed with what you're looking at? It’s time to make it fun and easy to hack your chart and experiment with finding alignment. This is the year of you! This is the year to embrace self love and self care. Permission granted to be authentically you!! Learn how to break down the elements of your chart and deep dive into energy types, strategy and authority (intuition). You are cosmically design and innately precious to the Universe.

Based on your birth data (birth date, time, and place) your body graph gives you an energetic blueprint for aligning with your authentic self and soul purpose. When you are aligned you eliminate resistance and enjoying the flow of life. Rewrite the stories you’ve been told about who you are and step into your power.

Cost: $40 per person

10% Discount for Sojourn Quartz + Citrine Members 


About Cassie Levin:

Cassie teaches spiritual concepts for those that prefer some science with their Woo. After years specializing in behavioral modification for problem behaviors, she has shifted direction to leverage and utilities her unique skills in helping people connect with their cosmic design and rewrite old stories in order to align with an abundance mindset. She is a guide and life strategist for those ready to begin the journey back home to themselves, step into their authentic power, and live the life of their vision boards.