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Stretch for Strength with Live Blissed: Restoration for the Hustler

This workshop experience is for those of you who train hard and often, and workout with high-intensity, heavy weight, and/or resistance, most likely tearing up your muscles and experience muscle soreness.

In this Muscle Recovery experience, you will be guided through targeted, restorative yoga postures that counter many of the workout movements you practice during your daily training.

We’ll be creating an environment for you to relax in, where you get to step out of your usual work hustle schedule, giving your body and mind some much-needed rejuvenation.

You’ll leave feeling restored, zen, and prepared for better muscle recovery. To end the workshop, we will have plant-based nourishing bites and drinks for you to enjoy.

Cost: $35 per person

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Nia is a Women’s Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, and founder of Eclectic Wellness, her nutrition coaching practice. After struggling with her relationship to her body and food for nearly a decade, Nia set out on an journey to discover more self-love and a positive relationship to all the foods she enjoyed. Along that journey, she delved deep into the study of Intuitive (mindful) Eating and other spiritual practices to help her deepen her intuition. She went on to achieve her Master’s in Nutritional Wellness, and now helps women claim their confidence and power back through their food and wellness choices. Nia’s current offerings include one on one nutrition coaching and meal prep guidance. To learn more about Nia’s services and/or work with her, visit her website at


Lindsay Russo, E-RYT 500 Almost 20 years ago, I took my first yoga class with Yogi Ananda, a native of India who spent decades working alongside Mother Theresa. He ruined me.I thought that the way he taught yoga is how every other person would teach yoga. The experiences I had in other classes were fine but a drop in the bucket compared to the fullness I felt from Yogi Ananda. No longer able to take classes with him I decided to begin studying yoga on a deeper level. I took lots of training…LOTS. I invested many hours (and dollars) learning & studying in person with greats like Rama Jyoti Vernon and Nischala Joy Devi (co-founders of Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal), Brian Dorfman, Leslie Kaminoff, Bija Bennet, Flossie Park. I spent less time with but have also been deeply influenced by Paul Grilley and Rod Stryker. My mission is to present what I have found to be the most potent teachings and teachers of yoga that I have encountered in my lifetime and to do it with finesse. I have distilled all of this knowledge into the juiciest nectar and serve it up for you to, as Yogi Ananda would say, “Get the flavor!”

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