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Make My Body Feel Better

Being in pain sucks. Lucky for you I have a batch of thoroughly-tested #bepainfree sauce to share. Whether you’re rocking some low back pain or chronic tension in your shoulders, get ready for a serious mind = blown situation. In three hours we’re gonna move, we’re gonna talk, and you’re gonna walk away feeling so. much. better. You can take notes, you can record the session, you can sit back and let yourself get taken on this wild ride - whatever helps you soak it all up. Just make sure to get yourself to Sojourn Healing Collective on Sunday September 23rd from 2-5pm.

What you will learn: 

  • Top three things you aren’t doing that you absolutely NEED to be

  • Basics of what pain is, what purpose it serves, and how your brain makes sense of it all

  • Distinguish between the fundamental types of pain

  • What kinds of movement (or not!) are right for you

  • Maximize your body’s healing mechanisms

  • Meet rad peeps


Motivated Registration until September 13: $75
After September 13: $100

About Christina:

Christina is a Pain Relief Therapist. She uses a dynamic therapeutic mix to relieve chronic pain. She is intuitively familiar with and expertly trained in anatomy and physiology. Her work is detail oriented and whole-istic. As someone who worked to resolve her own chronic pain she understands the process and is right there with you through the journey. You, too, can #bepainfree.