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Mantra Meditation Workshop

  • Sojourn Healing Collective 2870 5th Avenue Suite 200 & 201 San Diego, CA 92103 United States (map)

Do you want to know the most interesting thing about you? It's that you are MADE OF VIBRATION! And since you are made of vibration, vibrating from a literal and an intentional place is one of the most natural and powerful things you can do.

Most people spend entire lifetimes layering the priorities, opinions and truths of other people over their own. Hearing your own voice vibrate in an honest and powerful way is one of the most intentional ways to elevate your personal meditation practice and raise the vibration of the collective in a palpable way.

Sound, rhythm and speech have profound effects on your body, thoughts, and emotions. Mantra meditation is the use of these three elements with the purpose of purifying, pacifying and transforming your mind and heart. Come find out what this practice is all about, your heart just might unexpectedly open far and wide.

- Learn about the origins and power of sound
- Discover the purpose and art of a personal japa practice and incorporation of Mala Beads
- Understand the Bija "Seed" Sounds and correlation to chakra system
- Experience the power of bhakti with heart opening kirtan.

Cost: $30 per person

10% Discount for Sojourn Quartz + Citrine Members 


Led by Sojourn Yoga Teacher and Workshop Facilitator, Kelly Mahoney

Later Event: June 6
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