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Ayurvedic Workshop: Pitta Pacifying Practice

Pitta Pacifying Practice: an Ayurvedic approach to keeping your cool with Kelly Mahoney.

Summer is here and we love ALMOST everything about it! As Pitta, the fire element, rises in the seasons, it also rises in our bodies and minds. We all possess every dosha in our ayurvedic constitution- it’s the varying ratios that make us unique. Just the right amount of Pitta helps us get things done and instills confidence. Too much, and we start to feel spread out in 100 directions and think we can do it all, although we shouldn't. If your constitution already leans toward Pitta dominance, this season can easily bring you out of balance no matter how much you love the heat and high energy. Too much Pitta can lead to irritability, anger, jealousy, breakouts/rashes, digestive issues, inflammation, and eventually, burn out of the mind and body.

The attributes of Pitta are hot, sharp, rough, intense and fast. We look to moderation to balance the intensity of its heat. We cool the body, slow the mind and soften the heart. Join Kelly for this installment of her Ayurveda Workshop Series.

You will learn …

How to productively use Pitta in balance
Develop awareness when it goes out of balance
Ways to restore balance and productivity through lifestyle (food, movement, breathwork, sleep patterns and other practices)

You will enjoy…

A Pitta pacifying yoga practice
A cooling pranayama to reduce heat in the body
A calming meditation to reduce intensity in the mind
Oils that cool the body and open the heart
Mantras to soften the heart


Cost: $40 per person

10% Discount for Sojourn Quartz + Citrine Members 

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