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Sacred Sisterhood Circle

Life can get busy, messy, stressful. We forget to take time to sit, breathe and see the love in us and around us. Join us as we gather monthly as the Goddesses that we are to channel and reawaken the sacred beauty within.

We will begin with a Reiki infused guided meditation to clear our energy, balance and protect. As a group, we will call in a Goddess; a priestess that steps in just for you to offer a message of loving guidance and support. Melanie from Reiki Room San Diego will then channel and bring forward your Divine message. We will share as a group in validation. In closing, we will reground with the sacred sounds of our beloved Fire Goddess, Pele.

In separation WE are each so beautiful. In connection, WE are power. WE are One. Come Receive with your Tribe.


Cost: $40
10% off for Quartz & Citrine Members

Melanie Esperon is a Reiki Master Teacher + an Open Channel. She is the Founder of Reiki Room San Diego where she guides you to embrace natural Healing for your Mind, Body and Soul.

When Aligned in your Highest Truth, Healing occurs where you can then come back to center. Know yourself. Know Love.