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Shadow Workshop

  • Sojourn Healing Collective 2870 Fifth Avenue San Diego, CA, 92103 United States (map)

Step into the darkness and turn on your light. We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t accept, are ashamed of, or we hide from the world. In this hiding, we hold ourselves back from stepping into our radiance. Some of the ways this could manifest are: anxiety in relationships, fear of being seen or known, not being paid what you are worth, hating yourself for not being perfect, having unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, and many other unpleasant thoughts and feelings we live with daily. When we cut off parts of ourselves, we cannot be wholly authentic beings. Free yourself by discovering your dark side and learning to love all of yourself.

Facing unknown or hidden parts of ourselves can be scary, but only because they are in the dark. When we shed light on our dark spots, we feel free to express our authentic selves. In this 3 hour workshop, you will discover and explore unclaimed parts of yourself and begin to open into a space of self-acceptance. Learn how your shadow manifests in your life, what is blocking you, what may be causing you pain in relationships, and what your projections really mean. This will be a gentle, yet powerful deep dive into you. This workshop is an introduction to a longer intensive weekend workshop.

What to bring: water bottle, journal, pen, an open mind and heart.

Cost: $45 per person

Early Bird (Register by 10/22): $40 per person

10% Discount for Quartz & Citrine Members 


About Tobey:

Tobey is a lifelong student, always seeking and evolving. She began her personal growth path with the Wright Foundation in Chicago in 2004, diving deep into self-awareness, neuroscience, and transformational work. As a student with Wright for over a decade, Tobey is trained as a coach and group facilitator. When she moved to San Diego in 2013, her growth path led her to spirituality, where she overcame a painful addiction and turned her attention to healing her mind, body, and soul. Now a Reiki and Breathwork Practitioner, Tobey is passionate about sharing her training and experience in an effort to help others find their own healing within.