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Shamanic Journeys For Everyday Healing

Learn to enter into new realms and dimensions to heal yourself through shamanic journeying.

The hamster wheel of life tends to guide us though social trends and turmoil of self judgement and others. Taking on the weight of the world, when in reality it was all made up in our thoughts. In this two hour workshop, we will work on taking guided journeys to harness the root cause of any pain, meet spirit guides and power animals to harness our power in healing ourselves.

You will be guided through energy-work exercises and a light yin yoga flow. Followed opening up sacred space to invite our spirit animals and guides into ceremony. Once sacred space is open, you will be guided through shamanic drumming into lower world where your power animals and guides reside.

After each journey, we will have an opportunity to journal and share what we have experienced. Throughout class I will offer insight and messages from spirit. Know that when we open up sacred space you are safe, supported and protected. Shares are not necessary, but always encouraged for growth and support.

After our journeying and shares, we will close sacred space. The workshop will end with a sound healing meditation infused with shamanic reiki healing.

You will have take-home resources to incorporate into your daily lives:

•Energy-work Exercises
•Opening Closing Sacred Space
•Animal Spirit Guide Book
•Smudge Kit

Cost: $55
10% Discount for Quartz & Citrine Members


*Space is limited, pre-registration is strongly recommended!

Virgil’s Bio:

Virgil Sim is the creator and owner of SIM (Shamanic Intuitive Massage).  He is a San Diego based shamanic massage therapist, reiki master and yoga practitioner with a passion for being an open channel to hold space and allow healing to begin.

After suffering from bodywork burnout, Virgil turned to yoga and shamanism to redirect his life and found healing through powerful ancient practices deep embedded in his roots. Virgil’s passion to be a beacon of light for the community is highly contagious and seen throughout the community. From his highly sought out private sessions here at Sojourn Healing Collective to his dedication for community outreach via monthly specials where he highlights someone in the community each month to be paired with his healing journeys. Each shamanic healing journey is curated to the individual with opening the gateway for healing, self love, gratitude and peace.

Earlier Event: August 23
Roll, Reiki, Relax