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Pendulum Workshop

Ever wonder what to do with those beautiful pendulums we have hanging around? Join Maura McCormick, Master Dowser, with over 25 years of experience working with clients and public figures. Maura will teach you important techniques to keep you healthy, balanced and in the know!

This is a special beginners workshop, in which you will learn how to use your pendulum like a professional! You will be able to read your relationships, career paths and any other big questions you are looking for answers on!

Dowsing is the tool of the times. It can help you find the perfect job, the best place to live and so much more. With dowsing, you will learn to find yourself balance, clear the negative energy and energize your life. Maura will teach you how to balance your chakras, thyroid hormones - the list is endless once you learn the technique.

The class includes handouts, lectures and pendulum practice. Gorgeous pendulums are also available for purchase at Sojourn.


Cost: $30 

Maura is a Holistic Healer and teaches yoga at Sojourn she is available for private sessions at Sojourn please check out her website: