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Healing Your Subtle Body

You are more than just a physical body! Your energy, emotions and thoughts are reflective of your subtle body; a system of beliefs that govern your day to day. This unique workshop will guide you through your subtle body and teach you how to access your subconscious mind.

Learn how your experiences create your beliefs, which in turn create your thoughts and emotions. With this wisdom, you can begin to heal and release old patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors. Learn to experience emotional release so you can create authentic relationships in you life. 

You'll leave with new tools and insight on how you can heal yourself. You will also have the opportunity to share your healing journey in this safe space. All emotions, trauma and experiences are welcome. We will end the evening with a Reiki savasana.

Cost: $40 per person

10% Discount for Quartz or Citrine Members 


About Denise:
Denise is a spiritual teacher and mentor, Tantrika (as a way of life), Intuitive (ThetaHealer & Akashic Records), Sacred space holder and Reiki Master in-training. She has hosted multiple women's and healing circles and has grown to love the power of bringing people together in safe space for healing. Committed to her own self-healing and exploring spirituality (meditation, ancient wisdom, intuition, empowerment) as a means to do so, Denise dives deep into THE WORK and will empower you to do the same. Learn more about Denise at

Later Event: April 14