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Trauma Healing Circle

Hi beautiful soul,

If you're seeking a judgement-free, healing environment, you've come to the right place. This is a safe space for you to share your stories, be seen & heard and learn tools to heal yourself. If you’ve been feeling stuck or overwhelmed, come and heal with us. Together, let’s move towards wholeness and freedom once more; a state of being that is rightfully and always yours.

Trauma is something that we all live with in some way or another, and while the work is individual, there is strength in support and shared vulnerability when we come together with others who are on the same path. We all are responsible for our own healing, but it doesn't mean we have to do it alone.

No "trauma" is lesser than or more "traumatic." Your experiences are valid and deserve space. In this circle, you’ll learn the differences between acute and developmental trauma, how it affects our bodies and how we can heal from them over time.

Here’s what to expect:

What happens to our bodies, mind and spirit when we experience trauma

A safe, intimate circle that welcomes you to share your experiences

Learn a tool for grounding yourself during a triggered state when reliving trauma.

Ways you can incorporate self-healing rituals to move out of trauma and towards freedom.

Reflections on my own experience of healing sexual and developmental trauma.

Please bring a journal, pen, water and your whole self. There will be blankets and pillows available, and a medicine altar with essential oils, crystals and oracle cards for grounding and guidance.


Cost: $30 per participant

10% Discount for Sojourn Quartz + Citrine Members 

About Denise:

Denise is an intuitive safe space holder. She works primarily with women, though all are always welcome to seek support from her. With the help of mentors and community, Denise healed her own experiences of sexual abuse and assault through intuitive and holistic modalities and it is her soul's purpose to help others do the same. She is also a trauma-informed ThetaHealer, Reiki Master and a student for life, with multiple workshops and trainings in her field of knowledge. Denise has hosted multiple sacred circles and creates a safe, healing environment for those who show up and are ready to transform. Learn more about Denise at