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2025 | Dates to be announced

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Join Sojourn in Costa Rica for 6 nights of luxury, adventure, earth-to-table food, and profound inner transformation. 


Kinkara, a luxury resort tucked away at the foot of Mt. Chirripo is awaiting you.  

Fall asleep to the enchanting sounds of nature while nestled in Kinkara's signature Lotus Belle Tents powered by solar, cozy with organic linens, and supplied with your necessary amenities.

Jumpstart your morning or sink into relaxation in Kinkara's spa-inspired bathhouses featuring rainfall showers with a view into the rainforest.



Slow all the way down. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the calming elements of the rainforest. 

Create more clarity and ease through spacious mornings and restorative movement. 

Support your nervous system through down regulating practices such as: yoga nidra, sound healing, meditation and mantra. 


Restore and enliven your body with gorgeous, family style, Mesoamerican-inspired meals. 

Ingredients are regeneratively sourced from the land.- naturally rich with vitamins and minerals.  

Each offering is a multi sensory culinary experience prepared with intention to nourish your mind, body and spirit from within.



Come home to a place deep within to honor, heal and grow beyond limitation. 

Daily opportunities to ground into the wisdom of your body, listen to truth that's alive in you and emerge more whole each time. 

It's the heart of the whole experience and the journey most worth taking. 

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8:00- 9:45 am

Slow yoga flow & journal prompt

Silent breakfast & journaling

9:45- 1:00 pm

Break silence & share

Optional group activities such as: 


Tree Planting 


1:00- 4:00 pm


Free time

Free time may include mountain biking, horseback riding and other local experiences


4:00- 6:00 pm

Offerings such as:

Moon Ritual & Breathwork Ceremony

Evening mantra & meditation

Somatic Movement


6:00- 7:00 pm


7:00 pm

Evening offerings such as: 

Sound healing

Yoga Nidra

Cacao ceremony



designed to transform more than your body


We've been given this one short adventure of life and yet so often we miss it stuck in wounds of the past, worrying about the future and spinning stories that separate us from ourselves and the world around us. What does it take to be fully awake for it? To feel it all? To lean into the crashing wave of the moment and let it take us where we're meant to go?

Often the parameters of our daily lives keep us on auto pilot. Confined by obligations and roles to fill, we're not left with space to pursue our own healing, authenticity and embodied purpose.  

This container is a collection of invitations designed to pull you out of the daily grind and draw you into deeper relationship with yourself. The vehicles we take to reach these depths are ancient activation rituals including Breathwork, Temazcal, Astrology and Somatic Movement. 

These sacred tools are alchemical in nature. They often emit powerful releases and stimulate potent change in our lives. When we use them collectively, the shifts can be even more profound. Equally intentional restoration and nourishment are woven into foundation of this experience. This retreat is designed to allow space for both the work and rest in the stunning foothills of Costa Rica's Mt. Chirripó. 

From the moment you touch down on 800 acres of pure life pulsing beneath you, to the last lingering Savasana, you will be held. You will be gently guided and fully supported as you meet yourself where you are so that you may become all that you are here to be.



mountain biking


temazcal-inspired sweat ceremony



horseback riding


waterfall swimming


spa services




single occupancy



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Payment plan: $3800

5 monthly payments of $760


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 shared occupancy



Pay in full


Payment plan: $3350

5 monthly payments of $670



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By a total random happenstance,  I was given this retreat by someone close to me that was unable to attend. I was a middle aged man that had never traveled alone,  heading to Costa Rica to live in a tent and spend a week with total strangers, mostly women, in an environment of which I was completely unfamiliar. My insecurities were inflamed and my sensitivities firing.


Then I got there.


It is hard to express the gratitude that I feel toward Whitney, Kelly, and Kelly. They created an environment that allowed me to feel safe, open, and most importantly, allowed me to just be me. The people I experienced this with became a family and ideologies, socio-economic and cultural differences became irrelevant. We became fellow travelers on a journey of self exploration. I have never felt more open, more free, more me, in my life. It is amazing that by the end of the week, this group of strangers knew me better than people with whom I have spent my entire life.


I began this experience with my life in shambles. A broken marriage, on the edge of financial ruin, and fear for my children’s future had me paralyzed. This retreat: these people: helped me find the courage to act and begin putting my life back together again.


I am forever grateful to the Sojourn crew for helping me find the trailhead and sending me on this path of hope and new beginnings. I love you more than you will ever know and I thank you with everything that I am and everything I intend to be.


I will never be the same after Costa Rica. It was a true Surrender and Expansion in so many ways - emotional, physical, and spiritual. The location is gorgeous - everything about Kinkara is extraordinary - the service, the food, the amenities. It took a while for me to process that we were sleeping in the middle of the jungle for a whole week. I have so much love for Kinara because it was the space that witnessed so much of my transformation. Twenty five different people, each with our own fears, our own healing, and our own intentions embarked on this incredible journey. I will forever admire and be grateful to the organizers of this retreat because they created an experience where each one of us had the opportunity to push ourselves physically and emotionally while at the same time holding space for every single one of us if we needed a more 1 on 1 approach. Everything that was provided was a different opportunity to relax, surrender, grow and heal - from the morning yoga, silent breakfast, ceremonies, activities like zip lining and temazcal. We all connected, laughed, cried and healed together - we became a family. This is the type of experience that will change your life forever, a simple YES will take you to unknown territories within yourself. The retreat to Costa Rica provided me with an opportunity to heal and expand but it also gave me connections with others that will remain for a lifetime. Pura Vida!


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