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Our team of in house Healers shares in an empowered approach to healing across a range of different modalities. We believe the body holds information, imprints of trauma, AND the wisdom to heal itself. 

1:1 healing sessions call you into the most intimate levels of healing and personal growth. Whether you're being called to love what you've learned to reject, heal generational lines, or manifest something magnificent- you will be held. 

Our team offers a variety of spiritual containers in which you can safely see, love, and heal yourself. 

Your wholeness awaits.


Kinsey O'Leary

Kinsey O’Leary

Sound Alchemist, Usui Reiki Master and Certified Crystal Healer. After completing her B.S. Biochemistry and Cell Biology, she quickly transitioned away from the modern medical field towards a more ancient and holistic approach to wellness.With her background in science and passion for powerful spiritual practices, she hopes to bridge the gap between science, art, and spirituality. Kinsey connects ancient healing modalities including sound healing, energy medicine, crystal alchemy, breathwork, tapping, and deep meditation to create a sense of wholeness and wellness. She offers private healing sessions, metaphysical lessons, group sound bath experiences and meditation classes and workshops throughout the San Diego region.

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Kevin Rehberg

Whitney Yarnall

Intuitive Somatic Healer & Breathwork Facilitator. Whitney is a Trauma-informed and trained Somatic Healer, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Sound Practitioner as well as a Somatic Breathwork Facilitator. In any of her offerings, she utilizes a range of somatic and embodiment tools, along with the wisdom of your own body to facilitate healing, develop your capacity to tend to your own nervous system, and invite in profound transformation of your inner landscape. 

Whitney has been a seeker on this healing path for over 15 years, continuously learning, gathering knowledge and wisdom along my way. Early on, her curiosity around healing and thirst to know more led her to gather an abundance of different healers, guides, facilitators and leaders on a mission to spread self healing to the world. In discovering these connections and a collective mission, she uncovered what felt like her divine purpose; creating sacred spaces of belonging. 

Her offerings continue to expand and evolve as she does. Currently, Whitney leads international spiritual retreats, transformational somatic healing programs, yin yoga and yoga nidra classes, Somatic healing sessions, plant medicine ceremonies, Breathwork, sound healing and customized retreats for those on a path of self healing and remembrance. One of her offerings and creations has been founding Sojourn Healing Collective; a sacred space created for people to come as they are, feel supported as they heal their wounds and discover their own unique medicine to share with the world.

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Bethany Anderson

Intuitive, Energy Healer. Bethany has completed the highest level of certification as a Spiritual Leader & Teacher through SIGH (School of Intuitive Greater Healing). She was trained under the Top 50 Psychics in the country and has provided her offerings since 2016. Bethany has healed souls of trauma, energetic blocks, the inability to manifest or create, relationship and familial karmic agreements, as well finding answers through past life regression and accessing the akashic records. What she connects with the most in her practice is that she doesn’t do all of the work for you. She works with what your energy and soul share with her and you work out your imbalances together. She teaches her clients energetic tools that they can use for the rest of their life. Her passion and love for Intuitive Healing is based out of the belief that everyone deserves to live a life of fulfillment, love, and light.

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Kevin Rehberg

Suzanne Lederer

Somatic Breathwork Practitioner focusing on emotional regulation techniques. Suzanne is trained in the 3-part Circular Breathing practice. It is the quickest way to slow down your mind so you can drop into your emotional body, opening up your heart, releasing anger, resentment, grief, sadness, an array of emotions which then opens the space to step into your wholeness. Suzanne is passionate about creating a safe place so humans feel empowered to connect back to the truths that are already in them. She is certified in trauma recovery so she provides regulation tools. So when troubling experiences arise that bring heightened emotions, you will have the tools so you can hold yourself with love and grace. She provides private Breathwork session, group Breathwork session, and tailored Breathwork and emotional regulation workshops. Her care and concern for each person in the room whether in groups or private sessions is powerful. Contact: or email:

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Kevin Rehberg

Mahri Stewart

Reiki Master Practitioner, Yoga Therapist-in-Training, Yoga Instructor. Mahri is a Reiki Master practitioner, yoga instructor, and a Yoga Therapist-in-training. She is nearing the end of her Yoga Therapy degree program and will soon be a Certified Yoga Therapist. (C-IAYT) 

She believes that Reiki and Yoga Therapy are extremely vital tools that can help people access healing in all aspects of their life and whatever physical, emotional, and/or spiritual challenges they are currently facing. She thoughtfully curates sessions and offerings that are accessible, gentle, nourishing, and restful. Mahri’s intentions are to create a sacred container for everyone to show up exactly as they are so they are able to experience all of the benefits that Reiki and Yoga Therapy have to offer.

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Kevin Rehberg

Lindsey Roach 

Sound Alchemist, Usui Reiki Practitioner

Lindsey is a certified sound and reiki practitioner joyfully devoted to holding space that ignites deep connection to your heart-song and guides you hOMe to the expansiveness of your own healing power.  Her offerings are rooted in love and designed to provide mind, body and soul and nourishment through energetic realignment. She is passionate about creating multidimensional sound journeys that cultivate inner exploration and awakening; trusting that all thoughts, feelings and sensations surface as divinely intended for each individual.  Lindsey offers individual or group sessions and hosts a variety of classes, events, workshops and trainings in San Diego and beyond. She often pairs sound with other modalities and collaborates with a variety of gifted medicine workers to create unique, nurturing experiences.  As a seller of sound healing instruments, she loves helping  people find items that foster growth in their personal journey with sound.  Through the transformative and renewing medicine of sound, energy and plant allies, she seeks to illuminate a path for others to (re)discover portals within themselves.

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Kevin Rehberg

Erika Arnold

Certified Integrative Hypnotherapist, Usui Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer

 Erika is a certified Integrative Hypnotherapist, Reiki Practitioner, and Quantum Healer. She works with the subconscious mind and energy body to help her clients achieve balance and overall well-being. After studying psychology at UC Davis, Erika became fascinated with the subconscious mind and continued her education at the Motivational Institute for Hypnotherapy in San Diego. Erika felt draw to incorporate her spirituality into her business and studied under Dolores Cannon for her QHHT certification. She combines these modalities to induce deep healing of the mind, body, and spirit. 

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We understand that selecting a healer or an offering when life already feels overwhelming can be difficult.

We recommend browsing all bios and offerings then selecting the one you feel most called to. 

If you find that you are still stuck and would like guidance on which healer may suit your needs at this time, you may contact [email protected].