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Our community values restoration and grounded somatic movement to support the deep work that happens inside our walls. We offer yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing and trainings across a wide variety of spiritual modalities. You'll find an abundance of opportunities to release, grow and integrate.


We believe healing is the sustained practice of self study and the foundation of your most embodied expansion. Our offerings are an ongoing invitation to begin again. 


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weekly classes

Connect to a diverse family of teachers and offerings ready to support you wherever you are in your practice.

Your journey is ever evolving. Give yourself what is needed now. 

workshops & events

Expand your experience with an intentional variety of spiritual modalities. 

Self Exploration is the investment most worth making. 

transformational retreats

Create room in your life to reimagine what is possible. 

Cultivate powerful memories and lifelong community. 

It's time to embody all that you are here to be.


private healing

Connect to the parts of you that exist beyond your temporal body.

 Our healers offer 1:1 sessions dedicated to seeing and supporting you intimately. 


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Our family knows the significance of the journey you're on, because we're on it too. We are committed to our own healing so that we can continue to hold space for yours. 


Our community comes from different lineages, cultures, practices and experiences. The offerings we share are what we've received and studied along the way. 

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We believe that finding a space for your healing and growth is a meaningful commitment. As a new member, we extend a few special package options that allow you to experience what it feels like to make our community your home. 

intro 5 class pack



This package is designed for students who are unable to practice regularly and would like to spread their new student experience over a longer period of time. 

This package is available to new members only and expires 6 months from your first booked class.



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intro unlimited



This package allows you to experience a wide range of different classes, teachers and healing modalities. It is best for students who plan to practice regularly or a minimum of three times within their first month.

This package is available to new members only and expires 1 month from your first booked class.


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"Sojourn is a special place. It’s not just yoga - it’s a community, it’s a place to have reverence for yourself, it’s a space that is gentle and forgiving, and truly healing! I am going through a very rough divorce and Sojourn has been a blessing for me."



"Sojourn Healing Collective is everything I had been looking for in my yoga studio. They bring back the core meaning of yoga by connecting it to the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. While I do love the connection that yoga brings to my body, I align with yoga because it helps me be the best version of myself on and off my mat. I have loved every instructor, I love the space itself, and I love their admin team (customer service) as they are truly kind and accommodating. Everyone is knowledgable and I feel safe practicing here. I recommend to all!"



"I am so happy I found Sojourn! After practicing yoga for over 15 years, I can honestly say some of the best teachers I've ever taken in San Diego reside here. The attitude in the studio is welcoming, calming, and understanding, you don't feel like you're being sized up when you walk in the door. I have found Sojourn to be inclusive, and just overall a really excellent studio. I highly recommend taking a class here!"