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Yoga & Meditation

We are passionate about your unique journey and committed to meeting you wherever you are along the way. Sojourn's unique yoga and meditation schedule is designed to be approachable and accessible to everyone. Whether you're a first timer, seasoned practitioner or anywhere in between, our classes will help you to develop the most healing yoga and meditation practice for you. 


Upcoming Workshops

Our workshops are designed to raise your energetic frequency and give you tools to improve your spiritual journey.  Our offerings range from helping you to heal your emotional or physical body, manifest desires, cultivate your creative flow and overall become the best and highest version of yourself! 


Healing Sessions

Our healers meet you where you are on your journey and customize your healing session just for you. Whether you are in search of relaxation, stress or pain relief, energy cleansing, physical healing or spiritual growth, we have a healing session for you!


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