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a safe, supportive, community approach to yoga, healing & growth

Join a healing community that meets you where you are on your journey, supports your dreams and goals, and cheers for you as you become the most aligned version of yourself!

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Have you struggled to begin or maintain consistent wellness practices?


You know that growth, transformation, and healing are possible for you.

You just need the support, guidance, and accountability to help get you there.

Let this be the turning point to get you back to your practice and feeling your best.

Sojourn is a community that offers guided healing & wellness experiences for spiritual seekers who are committed to personal growth, while also providing a safe, supportive space of belonging.

It doesn't have to be overwhelming.

Our wellness & healing offerings are designed to be approachable and accessible to all bodies so that you can discover the most aligned routines and practices for you!

Find belonging in Community.

Many of us feel alone on our journey through healing. Our community will support you, hold you accountable to your dreams as you grow into a happier, more elevated and healed version of yourself!

Find enjoyment in your routine & practice.

What would life look like if...

You felt healthy, nourished, supported and your wellness practices became a routine you looked forward to? 

The Sojourn Story

A sacred space of belonging for those deeply committed to self-actualization, integrity and purity with deep reverence for community.

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Meet the Sojourn Team

All of the unique souls that help create the welcoming and supportive environment as you learn, heal, and grow.


Destination Healing Retreats

Traveling with like-minded people to a healing retreat, where you'll expand your senses and discover more joy within!


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Yoga & more

Your journey is unique and we are committed to meeting you where you are on your path. Whether you're a first timer, seasoned practitioner or anywhere in between, you can expect to discover the most aligned practice for you. 

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Exclusive events, workshops and trainings for various levels, that are designed to raise your energetic frequency and give you healing tools to grow so you can evolve on your spiritual journey.


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The Sojourn community is unique and welcoming, offering classes, events, healing sessions, and products to support you exactly where you are. Join us today!


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See what our members have to say!

"Sojourn is my sanctuary and has favorite classes and humans! All of the instructors and healers have a magnetic energy that allows you to feel safe, seen and supported!"


"The practices at Sojourn especially yin and breathwork have calmed down my nervous system and have allowed me space to listen, to feel and let go of deeper emotions, and release stuck energy."


"I love Sojourn! The space is so inviting and calming. The teachers all have their own unique practices and personalities that make each experience one of a kind. I highly recommend this community to anyone seeking a new journey!"