Visions & Vortexes Sedona Retreat

Claim your Sovereignty
January 19-23, 2023

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What Awaits in You

Deep, Lasting Friendships 

Form connections that support you on your healing journey & beyond!

A Life Infused with Intention

Experience the joy and peace that await you when you live with intention and a sense of sacredness.

Routines & Rituals That Enliven You

Find freedom in your body, relaxation in your mind, & peace within your soul.

Rediscover Your Joy

Something magical happens when you travel to sacred land, senses heighten and there is a joy in discovery!

Imagine traveling with like minded people to a luxury Sedona retreat property surrounded by vortexes and giant red rocks! 

This retreat experience is designed to bring you home to yourself, your desires and intentions for your life. Daily practices and sacred activities will ground those intentions with ways of BEing you so that nothing can stop you from living in your sovereignty, power, and truth.

Journey to Sedona

 Why Sedona


  • Visit the sacred wolf sanctuary with rescue and rehabilitated Tundra wolves. You will learn about their “medicine,” enter their large habitat and will interact with them, while receiving many kisses and feeling their healing energy.
  • Daily exploration; vortex hikes, Sedona land journey and creekside walks, exploring the beautiful, sacred land
  • Free time to enjoy nature, journal, read,
    or do anything that refreshes your soul
    and spirit


  • Fresh coffees, sparking water, organic wine 
  • Three vegan, family-style meals per day by Chef Hollie of Jane Joseph Wellness
  • Enjoy swimming in the property pool or soaking in the hot tub under the stars


  • Group workshops and experiences to deeply explore and heal yourself 
  • Daily practices; yoga, movement, meditation or breathwork practices
  • Experience light body clearing & activation during a beautiful Breathwork Ceremony with Whitney.

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About the Retreat Venue

Situated in the valley of Oak Creek, with a majestic view of Cathedral Rock, this elegantly furnished private sanctuary at the end of Moondance Lane awaits you.

With eight bedrooms, six baths, a fully appointed kitchen with service for 20, 6,700 square feet of living space, Wi-Fi, Direct TV, jacuzzi, swimming pool, covered deck, 1.7 acres of fenced yard, and breathtaking views, this special sanctuary will ensure a memorable experience. Enjoy exclusive access to our nearby creek front property for water recreation and enjoyment or strike off on an adventure through the dozens of trailheads surrounding Moondance! 

    Invest in YOU                 


Private Room



Private Accommodations with Shared Bath


Shared Twin Room



Shared Accommodations with Shared Bathroom


Shared Triple Room



Shared Accommodations with Shared Bathroom


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Don't Just Take Our Word For It

See what our past participants have to say!

"This retreat was AMAZING! It was such a gift to myself. There was so much opportunity for personal reflection and dreaming. The connection to nature and to each other was healing for my soul. Whitney and Kelly did such a great job with infusing the soulful intention of personal growth and healing. I loved the quiet morning time and ability to do what my body/heart/soul needed without judgement or expectation. I can't wait to do this again! If you're considering it, GO. Do it now, it's calling you for a reason. Trust that inner knowing."


"Wow!! I loved having the opportunity to retreat from work, home life (especially after a year of quarantine) and connect with such beautiful, heart-centered women. I’ve invested tons of money on my healing journey and this is definitely one of the best things I’ve spent my money on. I feel so LIGHT after just 4 days - my husband even agrees." 😍


"Absolutely beautiful retreat stunning Sedona! After 10 months of social distancing and managing the stressful challenges of the Covid pandemic I finally feel like I can breathe easier and feel more centered and grounded in my body. Whitney, Kelly and the Sojourn family bathed us in loving care and support on every level, and I am returning home with a cup full and overflowing with love and gratitude for the beautiful experience meeting such wonderful souls. Love you all!"

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