reiki & somatic space holding  certification retreat

San Diego | 2025

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Join healer-teachers Whitney Yarnall & Lizzie Rose Reiss in San Diego for 5 nights of education, spiritual development, integration, nourishment, community and training in leadership, embodiment, space holding and reiki technique for all levels; beginner to master. 


We feel that the call to healership comes from a deep place within our souls, and that means that the path to soul alignment is one that challenges all of our conditioning. 

As healers, we have experienced first hand the kind of support, guidance and structures that make the journey smoother and more enjoyable. It is our mission to provide that framework to those who come our way.  

This retreat is designed to provide you with the skill, technique and energetic responsibility to nurture your journey of healership, and the space to practice and build relationships. 



space holding & facilitating


Learn the foundations for creating and holding safe, nourishing, transformative space for individual healing and group containers. Understand how to work intuitively with the group field and the intelligence of the space to facilitate the most transformative healing.

energy healing tools & techniques


Begin, or continue your Reiki Healer journey, develop your intuitive skills and fill your healing toolbox with supplemental techniques beneficial to any healing offering. Aquire the skills necessary to develop your unique way of bringing healing into the world. 

healing community & support squad


Find your healing besties and your spiritual support squad to make life as a healer so much easier. The people that you train and evolve with become your practice partners, your confidants and life long friends! While your path is unique to you, it doesn't need to be solitary. You can walk alongside others with similar passions and support one another along the way. 

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  • Healers with a desire to expand their healing knowledge and serve with integrity
  • Those looking to become certified in Reiki for the first time
  • Someone already certified in Reiki at any level who wants to refresh their memory, practice with other practitioners or become certified at the next level of training 
  • Reiki practitioners who want advanced training in space holding, intuitive development, energetic technique and introduction to Somatic Healing techniques
  • Reiki practitioners, new or experienced, who desire to build their healing community and support system 
  • New or seasoned practitioners who recognize a need to take excellent care of themselves and nurture their healership
  • Healers who want to make a difference in their homes, communities and in the world at large
  • For people who desire to bridge the gap between their healing life and the rest of their life



 lizzie rose


Lizzie is known by her friends, clients, students, and colleagues for her practical approach to spirituality, her passion for the mysteries and ability to weave their wisdom into everyday life. Early in her teaching career, Lizzie developed a reiki curriculum that included topics like energy hygiene, intuitive development, and invocation of guides and allies, providing a well-rounded approach to healership for all practitioners who learn from her. Devoted to integrity and truth-finding, Lizzie empowers her students and clients to become their own humble authority, abandoning the guru paradigm to support the growth of responsible and powerful healers and mystics. She is especially passionate about her work with plant and vibrational essences and the magic of nature.  Lizzie owns and operates the store Everyday Magic Intentional Goods  in Woodstock, NY. She has also written and published a children's book called Eversees and the Magic Tree . Her self-paced course Tree Wisdom  is now available.

whitney yarnall


Whitney is an intuitive somatic alchemist, breathwork journey guide and dynamic space holder. Her curation of deep group containers, transformational retreats and experiences are designed to take participants on a journey inward with the intention of uncovering and integrating their shadows, blocks, traumas, defense mechanisms that can keep us from locked out of our wholeness, truth, joy and full expression. The added component of a group, a community, allows a deep healing to take place at the roots of ourselves. She believes that because wounding often happens in family systems and communities, healing does too.

Her  offerings utilize a range of healing and embodiment tools, along with the wisdom of your own body to facilitate profound transformation.

Whitney's healing journey began in her 20’s when her curiosity around healing and thirst to know more led her to gather an abundance of different healers, guides, facilitators and leaders on a mission to spread self healing to the world. In discovering these connections and a collective mission, Whitney uncovered her divine purpose; creating sacred spaces of belonging. Whitney leads international spiritual retreats, transformational healing workshops series, Somatic Healing Sessions, Breathwork, Sacred Sound Healing and customized offerings for those seeking a path of self healing and remembrance. She is also founder of Sojourn Healing Collective in San Diego; a sacred space created for people to come as they are, feel supported as they heal their wounds and discover their own medicine and gifts to share with the world.


pendulum, oracle cards, and divination


intuitive body and energy reading

pool, hot tub, and sauna

vibrational essences for healing

essential oils for healing

channeling for healers


reiki 1+ 2 certification


  • What is Reiki? History and Lineage
  • Your Intuition and How to Use It
  • Healer's all-purpose meditation visualization
  • Reiki hand positions and techniques
  • Distance Reiki
  • Working with the Chakra System
  • Reiki for Home, Plants, Food, etc.


somatic healing & space holding


  • Working with, protecting & managing your energy field
  • Introduction to Somatic Healing
  • Fundamentals of creating and holding safe energetic containers
  • Dynamics of group facilitation 
  • Intuitive Development
  • Spaceholding for Healers

reiki 3 certification


  • Advanced Healership
  • Techniques for Removing Attachments and Cutting Cords
  • Advanced Chakra Work


 for everyone 

  • Energy hygiene
  • Getting to know your guides, angels, and inner healer
  • Working with the hara line
  • How to let your calling become your living
  • Group Crystal Gridding
  • Sirian Activation and Lion's Gate Ceremony



heal in nature

Retreat Check-in, Check-out & Daily Schedule

Check-in time: 4pm - 5pm on February 22nd, 2024

Daily February 22nd-26th: Meals, Trainings, Sessions & Activities from approximately 8am-8pm (with programmed breaks and down time in between)

Check-out time: 12pm on Febuary 27th, 2024

About Rocas Retreat Center & Accommodations

Accommodations are booked separately from the retreat and training cost. Upon registration, you will receive the link directing you to book accommodations.

Located in North San Diego County, Rocas Retreat rests on 15 acres of sacred land surrounded by rolling hills, and citrus and avocado trees. They have many unique lodging options for our guests to choose from. Stay in a modern country cottage, a ranch house, tiny home, or custom yurts and are available for single or double occupancy.

Your stay is for five nights and includes use of amenities, including pool, outdoor fire feature, walking paths, hiking, meditation spaces, tree swing, labyrinth and more! The nightly cost for the retreat weekend based on the occupancy you choose. Nightly prices range from $74 to $279 per person, per night.

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I didn’t expect such a short experience to have such an effect on my life, but I can’t help but notice that since this experience ended I have felt lighter and more in tune with my needs and where they come from. Since the container ended, I've also had less dependence on one of the biggest coping mechanisms for dissociation and have found a greater sense of peace and acceptance around my emotions. I would wholeheartedly recommend any healing group or experience facilitated by Whitney to anyone looking to start or continue their own journey toward healing and growth.

~ Anne


Lizzie is the teacher + healer I have been waiting all my life to find. She is kind + compassionate. She has a very soothing, peaceful presence that immediately grounds anyone who is around her. She embodies everything I could ask for in a teacher + a healer. I have done both Reiki trainings with Lizzie and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. She creates such a safe space to learn, express + grow. She invests her heart + soul into her work + it shows. If you have a chance to work with Lizzie, I wholeheartedly recommend you do! She is absolutely amazing + I feel so blessed to have her in my life. Thank you, Lizzie, for being a witness + a friend along my healing path in this lifetime.

~ AS, Reiki III Graduate


This experience and Whitney have been the catalyst of the shift I have been longing for, that I don't even think I have needed, for years now. I felt so disconnected from myself, my body, and my actions for so long but felt hopeless about where to turn or how to shake myself out of it. During this experience, coupled with my time on our Sedona retreat, I uncovered all the walls I have built up, my coping mechanisms, the patterns that have hindered me for so long, and the practices I need to show up for my inner child. She has been screaming for so long to be heard and not until this experience did I feel I had the tools to listen and answer. I am forever indebted to Whitney and the container she holds in these four weeks because it was truly something that created a lasting change for me that I so desperately needed.


~ Lexi


Reiki I and II with Lizzie was one of the most transformational and empowering spiritual experiences that I've had. I've always wanted to learn a way to help me better understand myself and others, and for me this was a perfect next step on my journey. Lizzie emanates such a magical, open and powerful vibe and I feel honored to have her as my teacher! Thank you so much, Lizzie <3

~ AC, Reiki 1+2 Graduate 

  Lizzie's reiki training was incredibly informative and healing. She makes the material easy to understand, holds space and allows for transformation of body and mind. I highly recommend training with Lizzie!

~ Shannon


Working with Lizzie was the most incredible experience. She is deeply knowledgable and skillfully trained in many healing modalities but leads with her intuitive nature first. She is one of the most genuine and humble spiritual teachers I've had the pleasure to work wit. I am immensely grateful to have been trained in Reiki under her guidance.

~ LM, Reiki 1+2 Graduate 


Being led on a journey with Lizzie as Reiki Master was purely divine. LIzzie's approach to teaching is as respectful and responsible to the material as it is inspiring, healing and even fun. Lizzie's natural ability to create safe space allowed this training to be so much more than an awakening to the power of Reiki but also an awakening of self and spirit.

~ TC, Reiki 1+2 Graduate