Team Mindfulness Experiences

Integrating proven techniques of mindfulness, wellness and leadership practices to embrace a new way of operating in the workplace

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Team Workshop Benefits

Discover Tools for Overcoming Challenges

Come Leverage the wisdom of your body to boost energy, focus & creativity.

Learn Lasting Stress Relief Techniques

Release stress to access greater calm, clarity and confidence.

Experience Deeper Connection

Self discovery exercises to strengthen relationships, increasing trust and belonging.

Improve Communication & Engagement

Find your voice and confidently contribute to the best collective business results.

Get out of your cubicle and into your body.

When teams of people work together towards a common goal, the collective energy is amplified. That energy has the power to be focused and aligned, enabling creativity, innovation and business growth at lightning-fast speeds. But more often it is stuck and heavy, mired in internal politics, unclear or shifting targets, and haphazard strategies. The weight and stress of working through a global pandemic has magnified the challenge of maintaining a unified and inspired workforce, resulting in massive burn-out and a new standard of how employees expect - no, demand - to be treated in the largely virtual workforce. 

The Great Resignation may feel like a new trend, but it’s been building for a long time.

It’s no longer sufficient to offer “competitive” salaries, basic healthcare coverage, and the occasional happy hour. Even the big tech companies’ perks of free meals and fancy amenities have failed to compete with the deeper human essentials of thriving. The bottom line is this: Employees, especially leaders, are no longer willing to sacrifice their physical and mental wellbeing, their families, and their dreams in exchange for the security of a traditional paycheck. This means that in order to build a future proof team and retain loyal and inspired employees, it’s time to approach leadership differently.

We want to help bring our collective systems back into a regulated state so we can lead with presence, creativity, flow and ease.

The more leaders and people rising into leadership who understand this key to success being an inside job, the more we can heal burn-out, raise the collective consciousness, and solve business problems with sustainable win-win outcomes.

Team Mindfulness Experiences are designed to initiate the process of organizational transformation.

This begins with connecting leaders to your overarching mission by nourishing and grounding themselves in their own purpose and power, thereby unlocking their ability to have sovereignty over their experience at work. It always starts with the biggest influencers in your organization - your leaders - which sets the tone for the rest of your team, empowering them to follow suit.

By leveraging principles of conscious leadership, embodiment and mindfulness practices, your team will reconnect to the “WHY” behind their commitment to your company mission, and access deeper creativity, trust and connection. 

Leading with intention, tapping into body wisdom and play will open pathways for more visionary leadership, sustainable energy management, team collaboration and fun at work!

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Team Workshop options...

1. Bold & Inspired Leadership

Center yourself in your intuition and decision making power to lead confidently, even through change or crisis.

2. Release & Restore

Find safety, relieve stress & reset your nervous system to optimize focus and energy to achieve your team goals.

3. Create & Innovate

Tap into your body - your innate source of inspiration - to supercharge your business solutions.

4. Team Building & Collaboration

Learn about yourself and your colleagues to streamline collaboration, teamwork and communication across your organization.

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Custom Options:

  • Healing Treatments (Massage or Reiki)
  • Group Yoga Classes
  • Group Sound Healing
  • Human Design Workshop 
  • Intro to Astrology Workshop
  • Gene Keys Workshop
  • Vision Boarding Experience
  • 1:1 Coaching sessions

Meet your facilitators...

Erica Zygelman

As an Integrative Leadership Coach, Erica is committed to supporting the next generation of leaders to achieve sustainable success by integrating principles of holistic health, conscious leadership, and organizational development. Through this method, she works to equip professionals with tools that shift the paradigm of success from what it looks like on the outside, to how it feels on the inside. With a 15-year track record of leading high-performing corporate managers and teams to build flourishing relationships, scale revenue, and deliver excellent outcomes for world-class organizations, Erica is passionate about functional medicine, personal development, yoga & mindfulness. She is inspired by international travel, live music, and nature. She currently enjoys exploring her new hometown of sunny San Diego.

Whitney Yarnall

Whitney is an intuitive healer, spiritual mentor and founder of Sojourn; a sacred healing space created for people to come as they are, align with their purpose and feel supported as they grow to their greatest potential. In her 20’s, her curiosity around healing and thirst to know more led her to gather an abundance of different healers, teachers, facilitators and leaders on a mission to spread healing to the world. In discovering these connections and a collective mission, Whitney uncovered her divine purpose as a teacher, facilitator, mentor and the creator of Sojourn - a welcoming space where no one would ever feel unsupported again. Whitney manages the collective in addition to offering private healing sessions, Breathwork, Reiki and customized coaching programs for those seeking further alignment to their soul’s purpose and life's work.

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