Feb 01, 2021


As we head into February with Mercury retrograde, we can be sure this will be a month with plenty of opportunity to go over things. Mercury will be stationing direct on the 20th so that gives us ample time to rework and reengineer.

We need to remember this and keep our patience as we are creating the life we want to live. A new Moon in Aquarius will help us set innovative intentions for the coming cycle. The Sun moves into Pisces and brings more of a dreamy state to the collective, possibly a little confusion. Not to worry because the Full Moon in Virgo on the 27th will highlight our routines and what we are doing well and what we can release to perfect our daily habits a little more.

Let's look a little further into what the planets are helping us with this month.


Feb 1 - Venus moves into Aquarius. After picking up all the realness of all that Capricorn Season brought us Venus moves into Innovative outside-the-box Aquarius. The water bearer which brings great knowledge for us to lead a better life. Venus has a relational quality all about love, harmony and balance. After seeing what we need the Aquarian energy will bring us to a more elevated level when it comes to our love relationship and how we relate to all around us.

Feb 25 - Venus then moves into Pisces which Venus loves being in this sign. It is a great time for creative projects and really connecting to our loved ones. We will be able to bring a special kind of love and understanding when it comes to how we view the collective wound as well and hopefully this will put us on a greater path to healing all we have been through.


Jan 18th: Sun Enters Pisces @2:44 Am PST - The Sun is our soul expression shining through. No matter what sign your Sun is in when the Sun moves into a new sign collectively we all start to emanate the energy of that sign.

So Pisces represents the etheric realm, spirituality, christ consciousness, creation and creativity. It is also a highly intuitive sign.

You may be getting impressions of things and what people are feeling before they say or do anything. The other possibility is this brings a dreamy quality and could bring cloudy headedness, but also a softness to things. So make sure you are clear with your communications focus on self care and get extra rest. Be careful not to escape into bad habits and vices if things get overly emotional for you. Enjoy some music, create, paint, draw, dance, write… Feel into feeling free!


Feb 11th: New Moon in Aquarius 23° @ 11:04 AM PST - There is a stellium coinciding with these New Moon in Aquarius energies. This will really be a great starting point for all we are stepping into.

Time to get innovative.

The Moon and the Sun are conjunct (dark moon phase), and square Mars trine the North Node in Gemini... We need to focus on what's to be done to spark our drive to move into the future, and know intellectually what that looks like for us.

Also what things when it comes to our values and our habits are blocking us? Go within. That's what New moons are for. Mercury is Rx in Aquarius, sitting there with Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. What communities can you start working in? What are your dreams? Are you networking with people who support that?  What builds strong relationships for you? Mercury Rx can help you re-engineer in an innovative way while in Aquarius when it comes to these areas in your life. Time to elevate…

Feb 27th: Full Moon in Virgo 12:17 AM PST - The Full Moon in Virgo opposite the Sun in Pisces will give us this energy of bringing heaven to earth, or realizing what we need to adjust and the details involved in where we are quite not there yet and what we can release to be more of service to the areas in our life where Pisces and Virgo reside for us.

The illuminated moon in Virgo will be showing us an area we can get more organized in to make sure we have all we need to provide a pristine space to create what we need and want in our lives. The Sun conjunct Venus in pisces can bring highlighted bliss and dreaminess to relationships or seeing the lack thereof and where we are sacrificing ourselves in the process and need to establish better boundaries.

Time to celebrate. Pay attention to divine messages and release, release.


Feb 20th 4:52 PM PST Mercury Station Direct - This is where Mercury starts to wrap up its retrograde at 11° of Aquarius. This is not necessarily the end as it is still in shadow and now has to go back over all the degrees it just retrograded through (to 26° Aquarius). This area in our charts is where we can see how we've adjusted in our focus, where we have come into more alignment when it comes to our perception of what is.

It's important during this month that we take time to know where we need improvement in this area in our lives when it comes to thinking outside the box and innovating the wheel, not just recreating it. Think higher. Go beyond. No judgment, no need for approval aligned with your highest truest mind, that is calling for the best for humanity.


This time isn't about being a follower, it's about being a leader. We need more leaders that truly want to best for humanity and wholeheartedly shine that out. We are coming into an innovative time and sometimes people and things that claim to be progressive truly aren't. That's why it's so important for you, on your spiritual journey to learn about your gifts and the reason you're here. Then be that. Astrology helps us to see deeply into ourselves as individuals and a collective to where we need healing and where we can thrive. 

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